Re: [Evolution] LDAP server update with Evolution

ons, 2003-01-08 kl. 21:46 skrev Chris Toshok:
On Wed, 2003-01-08 at 09:48, Tony Earnshaw wrote:

P.s., Chris: Where's the mailing list schema? I told you how to do it,
and Adam Williams backed me up.

Oh, therefore it must be done that way? :)  I've been working on it in
my copious spare time, I have something that will show lists using the
applicable parts of the lachman/laser draft (really wish there was
something more than a years old expired draft to implement), but I want
to make sure evolution and mozilla do it the same way, so I'm not going
to be committing it until both projects are on the same page..

Always knew there had to be =some= good in you. As far as Lachmann-Laser
is concerned, at least it's logical and works. However, a lot depends on
how the MTA is set up to interpret it. It's therefore dependant on the
MTA-ldap configuration. Mine can cope with both mailgroup billy demon nl
and simply mailgroup (can add any realm whatsoever, dependant on
circumstances). But my Exim MTA documentation doesn't say exactly how to
to it, that's left up to RTFM and trial and error. What works for Adam
and me might well not work for an MS Exchange admin.




Tony Earnshaw

When all's said and done ...
there's nothing left to say or do.

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