Re: [Evolution] LDAP server update with Evolution

On Wed, 2003-01-08 at 13:19, Joaquim Fellmann wrote:
On Tue, 2003-01-07 at 20:57, Chris Toshok wrote:
Hm, you can run wombat in a separate terminal and it'll spew out a more
detailed ldap error message when you modify the entry.  Also, are you
loading the inetorgperson.schema file?

Here's the output of the wombat process:

ldap_modify_s: Object class violation
      additional info: object class 'person' requires attribute 'sn'

It seemed to me that evolution was creating all the necessary attributes
and including all necessary objectClasses when modifying ldap entries.

do the entries not have both a given name and surname defined?  it
shouldn't need to have a sn attribute when evolution gets the ldap
entry, but the cn field needs to have a name that contains a surname for
when evolution stores it back out..  So you might have to end up
editting the Full Name field as well as the Email fields.

Note that I can create new LDAP entries with the mail attribute set. I
just can't add a mail attribute to an existing ldap entry depending on
acccount objectClass.
I can't imagine having to duplicate every existing ldap entry (one for
the login and the second for the evolution contact).

Trying to add the 'sn' attribute and the 'person' objectClass manualy I
get the error message :

ldap_modify: Object class violation
additional info: attribute 'uid' not allowed

Hm, were you trying to replace the existing objectClasses with person? 
There shouldn't be a conflict between person and account that I can see.

But attribute uid is mandatory for the account objectClass.

are you sure account was still listed in the entry's objectClasses?  or
rather that it would have been had the modify request gone through?


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