Re: [Evolution] Re: Evolution SMTP and Password Errors

On Sat, 2003-01-04 at 13:21, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
Well, I stand corrected. Evolution is not sending a RCPT TO: command to
the SMTP server, however I don't see how that is possible if the message
contains recipients in the To: and/or Cc: headers.

Does it? Did you specify any recipients?

Can you paste the header(s) of the messages you are trying to send?


That solved the problem. I opened my Outbox (for the first time since
installing Evolution) and saw that the first message on the list had
somehow lost its destination - despite it having been a reply to a
message on the Evolution list. Once I opened it and added a To: address,
everything else worked like a charm.

Note to self: Check Outbox more often...

Bill Hartwell <raven macmanusnet net>
MacManus Enterprises

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