OT: impersonate TE (was: Re: [Evolution] Evolution's GPG Behavior)

On Fri, 2003-01-03 at 14:13, Tony Earnshaw wrote:
fre, 2003-01-03 kl. 13:12 skrev "Adrian 'Dagurashibanipal' von Bidder"
<avbidder fortytwo ch>

Who would want to impersonate me?????

Me? Just because it's so easy...

I used to be mailadmin for 3 different firms ;)

It was intended to be obvious :-) 

Point is: it is easy enough to hide who the original author was. More
difficult to fake the message so it seems to come from the 'right'
mailservers, but some people are on the road frequently, with providers
changing often. Some people use accouts at big providers - I can get
one, too (Tony, I hope you understand that I don't think /you/ wouldn't
know this all).

Others might believe it, but others are ignorant.

And this helps, too...

Du you know I was offered 32 milion US dollars by a Nigerian general,
last week? Should I accept?

Sure thing.

Back to your original point:
Who would want to impersonate me?????

I agree that this, for me too, is not usually a problem. Signing my
messages is partly 
 - just fun because the technology is cool
 - a political statement - encryption and related technologies should be
freely available
 - of course I use it for the occasional M$-bashing with poor OE users

but it's still also a safeguard just in case. I've got an insurance in
case my house burns down, but I don't intend it to be used, too.

Ok, off-topic enough I think.

-- vbi

get my gpg key here: http://fortytwo.ch/gpg/92082481

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