Re: [Evolution] configuration database not found (again) in 1.2.1

On Wed, 2003-01-01 at 15:20, Massimiliano Bini wrote:
Il mer, 2003-01-01 alle 07:06, Matthew Johnson ha scritto:
Got a fix from someone else on this list (thank you, evolution is the
best GUI mail client out there imho).

check /etc/ and make sure /usr/lib is there and then run

If that doesn't do it I am sure other epxerts here will help out :)


Ok I've solved the problem by adding right environment variable as described in the previous message: in 
fact, running evo by console had made an output identical to the issue previously posted. And solution was 
the same.

The only thing I'm missing is: why I've lost those env var? really don't know

Thanks to all for the support
Maxevolution <evolution ximian com> packages typically stash shared libraries needed by
Evolution into unusual directories.  Noting from another mail that you'd
installed mozilla 1.2.1 from, I'm willing to bet that's the
source of the problem.  Mozilla packages from Ximian and from most Linux
vendors put those libraries in more standard locations; hence, you
probably didn't need that environment variable before.

-Mark Gordon

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