Re: [Evolution] wierd vfolder naming problem

Just use the vfolder editor to rename it.  If it doesn't appear right,
try restarting evo.

It is a sort of hidden feature, the code supports multiple levels of
vfolders (not a heirarchy of vfolder rules though), but the editor
doesn't yet.

On Sun, 2003-02-16 at 09:38, Arthur S. Alexion wrote:
I get a daily newsletter from a company called "".  When I
tried to create a vfolder, I instead created a vfolder called
with a vsubfolder called pa.

I didn't know you could create vsubfolders (or are they subvfolders). 
Could be useful in some instances.

But not in this instance.  Is there any way to rename it to get in on a
single level, something like "law.com_pa"  If so, which vfolder should I
rename "", or "pa"?

Arthur S. Alexion <arthur alexion com>
Arthur S. Alexion LLC

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