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Using vfolder shoudlnt' really have any effect whatsoever on redraw
performance, unless you are getting a lot of new mail very often, and
even then, the vfolder updates are for the most part, very fast (any
rule using a 'body' search is the slowest).  Although they do use a fair
bit of memory, so perhaps your box is swapping, depending on what else
you're running.  This is a 256MB celery 500, and its more than fine

vFolders are like a search which has been saved, which is dynamically
updated, which can also span multiple folders.  Or perhaps another way
to think of it is as a new view of multiple mailboxes.

You aren't looking at COPIES of messages, just a new VIEW of the
mailbox(es).  If multiple vfolders reference the same base message,
deleting it in one will have it (or should have it) appear deleted in
others, etc.

vFolders should for the most part, be about as fast to use as real
folders ...

On Sun, 2003-02-16 at 22:18, ahimsa wrote: 
I have been reading the vfolder thread with interest because despite
reading the help file on the vfolders, I must confess that I still
lacked a clear sense of what they do. So with my ignorance displayed,
perhaps I can ask a question to clarify the function of vfolders:

At present I have 21 folders in the Inbox tree (with several sub-folders
of those) and 3 vfolders viz. Important mail (local), unmatched and
unread mail (local). Are there other ways of doing this set up because
it seems like the vfolders have duplicates of my mail, except that in
the vfolders it is unsorted. However, if I delete something in the
vfolder, it gets deleted in the other sorted folder too. Even though I
am running on an old AMD K6-2 450MHz with some 192MB RAM, Evo takes a
long time (several seconds at least) to open/close or to repaint itself
when I use the Workspace switcher to move from one desktop to another,
as well as to open up a reply window or to read a new message (by
double-clicking on the message). My question is about whether using the
vfolders rather than the 'regular' folders would be a more pasimonous
use of resources and enable Evo to work a little faster.

Any ideas?


ahimsa <ahimsa onetel net uk>

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