Re: [Evolution] export mail from Evolution

I have been using Evolution now for about 4-6 months -- on a 75 Mhz
Pentium with only 48 MB Ram -- and I am getting fewer than 6 crashes
since I started using it.  While I wouldn't recommend this setup for
speed, there is an indication that somebody with more power is doing
something wrong.  Not Evolution itself.  Here is my setup:
      * Using Window Maker, never Gnome and rarely KDE;
      * Don't using Calendar or Task; I use it as an MUA -- mail and
      * Summary is configured with a fair amount of stuff, but I rarely
        view it.
      * About 35 vfolder filters
      * POP, not IMAP
      * Spamassassin 2.5 running through an Evolution filter
      * I update when there is a stable release; I never load an
        acknowleged beta.

I hope this helps some of you with crash problems diagnose.


On Fri, 2003-04-18 at 10:27, Panos Platon Tsapralis wrote:
What about the contacts? Any ideas on how to export from Evolution?

(I, also, am quietly leaving Evolution for Mozilla: I really love this
program, but I can't afford the daily crashes of its addressbook - that
always happen on the worst moment...).

On Fri, 2003-04-18 at 10:28, Eric Lambart wrote:
Well if you've got Evolution storing its mail in the "old standard" mbox
format, all you have to do is move these files to the place old Mozzie
expects to find 'em.  But anyway, this sounds like a good question for
the Mozilla mailing list to me, don't you think? ;-)

-Using Evo for almost two years, and thinking it just keeps getting
better and better...

On Thu, 2003-04-17 at 23:40, Ivaylo Toshev wrote:
Predrag Lezaic wrote:

Sorry, I forgot to change the subject in last mail.
Does anyone know how to export mail from Evolution for use with 
Mozilla mail
or Netscape Mail?


I need this answer too ! I recently decide to switch from Evo to Mozilla 
Mail, so i need a technics to import mail from Evo to Mozilla Mail.

I abandon the Evo tottaly ! I used it for 1,5 years and it was bigger 
and buggy and becomes more bigger and more buggy, memory hungry, 
crashes, loses my mail. Calendaring works just 2 months for these time. 
IMAP handling is just nightmare ! Connector stuff with Exchange  - too. 
Internationalization is pure ( espessaly encodings handling in different 
levels), and many more...
Arthur S. Alexion <arthur alexion com>
Arthur S. Alexion LLC

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