Re: [Evolution] Follow-up flags and labels in mail headers

On Tue, 2002-09-24 at 17:53, Dan Winship wrote:
The right long-term answer is to use IMAP annotations, which are
basically designed exactly for this. Problem is, no servers support them
yet. :) Another possibility would be to try to use flags. Theoretically,
servers should let you add arbitrary flags to messages, so you could
flag a message with "x-evolution-flag=Rm9sbG93dXA=" (that's base64 since
you can't have spaces and some punctuation in a flag name). But I
wouldn't be surprised if some servers didn't like that (and some, like
Courier, don't let you use custom flags at all).

Annotations would be fine for follow-up, but I think labels should be
stored in flags as regular human-readable strings so they could
interoperate with other IMAP clients as well. I'd love to start using
labels, but there's too much of a risk to lose that information now so
I'm instead just keeping all TODO-type mail as unread.

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