[Evolution] Follow-up flags and labels in mail headers

Hi again,

It's nice to see the label and follow-up flag feature; they are quite
useful.  Unfortunately the data for those features seems to be stored
locally (can someone tell me where?) -- is there a reason why it
couldn't be stored in the mail header on the server if the store is
IMAP, say as X-Evolution-Label or X-Evolution-Followup fields?

Evolution has all these great features and I find that I just can't use
them because of the way I work.  (Separate installs at home, at work,
and on my laptop.) It's increasingly obvious that there needs to be some
framework to at least sync different copies of Evo.  Is anyone working
on something like this?  If not, I may have a go at it.

Thanks again,

Academic Computing Support Specialist
Algoma University College
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
705-949-2301 x330                                   Personal Home Page
http://www.auc.ca                                     http://sault.org

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