Re: [Evolution] Evolution vs Mutt

On Mon, 2002-09-23 at 07:16, Cecil Westerhoff wrote:
Op ma 23-09-2002, om 12:51 schreef Jose Celestino:
- duplicated messages: A way to display messages that are duplicated
    within a mailbox so that I can remove them or deal with them in
    a special way;
- global configs (view threaded, column sizes) and display settings:
    I noticed that some settings, threaded view, the size of the fields
    in the index view, can only be changed in a folder/mailbox basis,
    this is annoying as I have more than 200 local mailboxes and I would
    like to change their setting in a global way;

I second those.

What also would be nice to empty the deleted messages from one folder
only. I moderate a mailinglist and in a week my mailbox for this folder
was about 7 MB of deleted messages. The only way to empty was to empty
all mailboxes. Not a disaster, just not nice.

Use Expunge instead of Empty Trash, Eptry Trash does an Expunge on all
folders. That's how it works.


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