Re: [Evolution] Evolution vs Mutt

On Mon, 2002-09-23 at 06:51, Jose Celestino wrote:

I'm a long time mutt user and I've used evolution scarsely since it was
first released.

I devided to try this last version (1.1.1) and came up with the following
list of things that I "miss" from mutt and that would make
my definitive move to evolution easier:

(I already made some scripts to migrate my filters, local maildirs and
contacts from mutt -> evolution, you can find them here at and they carry the "this works
for me" (tm) stamp, and some are still unfinished)

- duplicated messages: A way to display messages that are duplicated
    within a mailbox so that I can remove them or deal with them in
    a special way;

if you can come up with an algorithm that will work for this, then sure.
But you should read the archives from a week or 2 ago to see why this is
not so easy.

- color by filters: Display messages in the index page with different
    colours, acording to defined filters, so that I can jump straight
    away to them (I use a crowded inbox most of the time);

You can make filters set a message's colour. I don't get what you're
wanting here?

- delete already deleted: I cannot delete a message already deleted(?!).
    This may seem silly but sometimes I enter in "delete frenzy mode"
    and I would like a CTRL+D to jump to next undeleted message, not to

This is filed in bugzilla and seems to have cropped up fairly recently.
Assuming it wasn't a change mandated by UI, then it should be fixed by

- view mail on same window: What about viewing mail in the index window?
    That would make evolution a much more keyboard friendly app;

Huh? this is the default.

- global configs (view threaded, column sizes) and display settings:
    I noticed that some settings, threaded view, the size of the fields
    in the index view, can only be changed in a folder/mailbox basis,
    this is annoying as I have more than 200 local mailboxes and I would
    like to change their setting in a global way;

column sizes can be set globally by changing them in one and then going
to View->Current View and defining your own view or something. Hmmm, I
can't remember how to do it now. Basically, I remember just changing the
sizes in the default view and saving that over the "Messages" view which
made all other folders change too.


Jeffrey Stedfast
Evolution Hacker - Ximian, Inc.
fejj ximian com  -

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