Re: [Evolution] Questions about evolution's exchange connector

On Tue, 2002-09-17 at 15:45, Daniel Curry wrote:
How can I get more than one exchange mailbox into Evolution ?

You can't. It was supposed to be fixed in 1.2, but it won't be (although
you can at least open other people's folders in 1.2 if you have

When can I expect access to public folders?

1.2. Not sure when the target release date is. (Definitely before the
end of the year.)

How do I utilize the LDAP connectors to grab information from Exchange/AD?

I'm not sure what you mean by "the LDAP connectors". The "Global Address
List" folder is populated from AD. You can do searches there.

Where can I find additional update information about the continuing
progress of Evolution and Exchange integration?

Hm... not sure there's an answer to that.

Connector 1.2 will add:
      * Public folders
      * Ability to open other users' folders / edit permissions on your
        own folders.
      * Direct booking of resource accounts (eg, conference rooms. If
        you have to select the account as a "Resource" when scheduling
        it in Outlook, then you're using this feature)
      * Some support for delegation
      * Email address autocompletion from the GAL (if you want it)
      * Various other minor things, plus some speed improvements and a
        bunch of bugfixes.

Is this the correct list for these questions?

Yes. You can also contact our support department using and the registration info included with your
Connector license.

-- Dan

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