Re: [Evolution] Keyboard Shortcuts in planed for 1.2

Am Mon, 2002-09-16 um 21.28 schrieb Mårten Woxberg:
Ok try this.. press Numlock :)
TADA It doesn't work no more... !! IIRC Numlock shouldnt bother the 
<v> layout but only the Keypad.. but it seems like someone made a
misstake! :)

WOW, you are right! Strange behavior...
I think that should be filed in bugzilla. Would be great, if you could
do that.

Question: are backtick and ~ on the same place on a US keyboard?
if so. bind the key to the KeySum not the character `.

Yes, they seem to be (switched my keyboard layout to US). But on my
German keyboard this key is ^/°

I've no idea which key would be okay for "all" layouts...


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