Re: [Evolution] evolution-dev / weekends and holidays

On 16 September, 2002 - Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:

In the global KDE configuration you can set up the country you live in.
So it's not a problem for the client but a desktop feature.

Yea, but this doesn't auto-magically tell you all the holidays ;-)

I'm pretty sure that that is what NotZed's point was. As I just
mentioned somewhere else in this thread, there are probably vcal files
somewhere that you can import into Evolution and then it'll just work.
If I recall correctly, Tuomas just recently found a vcal of holidays for
Finland. If he's on this list, maybe he can tell where he got it.

That's true, I have a vcal file with all Swedish holidays somewhere which
worked just fine with Evo. (Don't remember where it came from though, but
I can probably find it if someone is interested)


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