RE: [Evolution] Layout of Summary & General Calender improvements, comments ppl!

Don't forget the ability to have multiple inboxes and or sub folders shown in the summary, and they be 

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 << File: signature.asc >> I installed OutlookXP on a friends computer (yes I know but... :)
Then I noticed that the layout of the Summary is MUCH better there than
it is in Evolution.

Evolution prioritises Wheather and Links, pushing the Meetings and such
away to the side. Even if I dont want to show any links or Wheather
there's still a "My Wheather" icon and text in the Summary and a WHOLE
LOT of whitespace.

In OutlookXP the Meetings are showed like this
Meetings for September, week X

18:30  - Meeting with parents, (at home)
20:00  - Watch Friends, (TV)

16:00  - Coffe with Sandra, (inner City)

21:00  - Watch X-Files, (TV)
Depending on what view you choose the Tasks and E-mail folders
appeared on different places, but mostly where they are now in Evo.
This gives a greater overview of what I have to do this week (number of
days forward is ofcourse selectable.
I'd like for both the Calender and Summary to print out the Location of
the meeting so I don't have to open the meeting to know where I should

Tasks is done much like in Evo but a ! is put before tasks that have
High priority (personaly I think these should be sorted to the top too.

This layout should atleast be an option, since I rarely use the Links
section, The Link section could even fit in a third column in the

--- Things that should improve ---
As for colorcoding weekends etc. use the settings where you select which
days are a weekday. Preferably a selectable color too.

Days with only Fulldaytasks should be shown in another color in the
Calender overview. 

Ability to specify Places and then select them from a dropdown list.
Preferably be able to colorcode them too. Look at Apples MacOSX

In the Month-view of the calender the Weekends should be colorcoded in
another color (soft red). Days with Fullday event's should also have a
different color. (soft green)
Same goes for the Week-view.

The Tasks summary should of course colorcode in priority fashion and
sort thereafter too. IIRC there's a bugzilla entry on this.

I'd like some comments on this so we can improve the looks and layout
of Evolution! When the discussion has ended I'll post a summary on
bugzilla if that's ok?

Mårten Woxberg <marwo264 student liu se>
University of Linköping

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