Re: [Evolution] Changelog

On Mon, 2002-09-16 at 22:01, Mårten Woxberg wrote:
sön 2002-09-15 klockan 14.59 skrev Not Zed:
Check the NEWS file.

The relevent content of NEWS is also genreally posted to the lists at
release time.

Where can I find this file?
It should reside in my ~/evolution/ folder but....

Its in the source file.  I dont know what is installed in the packages,
perhaps it is in /usr/doc/*

The ChangeLog in the source is usually too detailed (and long) to be
much use.

I can understand that.. but I'd like to know why I should upgrade, what
it fixes etc.. and that should be easily accessible from Red-Carpet I

Well I guess thats an issue for the red carpet guys/packagers.

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