Re: [Evolution] Some trouble with IMAP

On Mon, 2002-09-16 at 17:58, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
On Mon, 2002-09-16 at 03:51, Francois Taiani wrote:

Would someone known how to tell evolution where my mail lies on the imap 
server ? Mozilla-mail has an "IMAP server directory" option that can be 
set for that purpose, but I did not find anything similar in the 
evolution settings.

yea, what you want to do is configure the "Namespace" option in the IMAP
account editor and set it to "mail" (not /home/<user>/mail, just mail -
either will work, but when you upgrade to 1.2 it will be a whole lot
nicer if you simply use just mail)

Thanks in advance


P.S.: Upgrading to 1.0.8 (with debian package tools), made some icons 
(in particular the Cancel and OK ones) appear totally destroyed. This 
may be related to other libs that were upgraded along with evolution 
(probably the libgdk-pixbuf-* ones (version 0.19.0-2)). Did someone have 
similar problems ?

yea, probably an image library issue.

Check gnome-libs. There lies your answer.

   -- Michael-John.

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