Re: [Evolution] Reply to encrypted e-mail

On Tue, 2002-09-10 at 21:55, Barry Grundy wrote:
--- I wrote:
When I hit Reply, the composer window
with the original message quoted as ascii-armored
text, not decrypted text.  

Bah!  I should have checked deeper before posting. 
Minutes after sending this I received an encrypted
message from a co-worker that also uses Evolution.  I
had no problem quoting the reply.  The problem
apparently arises from the users that are using Eudora
(98% of 'em in my case).  Its the MIME issue. 
Although I don't understand the MIME issue completely
yet, at least I know the cause of my angst.   Anyway,
knowing that now, is there any workaround?  :-)

not currently, apart from the one you have discovered.

we've done some thinking on the need to rearchitect some of the mail
display/reply handling code, so i guess this may be solved as part of
that issue ... unfortunately implementation of any of it will probably
have to wait till after the gnome2 port.

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