[Evolution] html/text

Absolutely smoothest little piece of machinery I have seen in a while
except for the lack of plain text options... real nice the best. but
functionality is the backbone of linux ain't it .. servers and stuff...

But alas I can forgive the errors its so pretty. Its really true though
I would have to toss it if Balsa wasn't still there to  sort it out
first, it would be dangerous where I live..., no (real) server here I
just sift and sort sift and sort... all day... well ok the mailer does
it I just sit and watch hehe heh

yea email bugs seem to result from lots of html mail from my
experience... bug this bug that... a part here a part there... 

throw this into your procmail file it works wonders to drop the html and
web linked mail;

# Assert csh as shell.
# Enable verbose logging.

:0 HB
    :0 fw
    |/bin/sed 's/text\/html/text\/plain/'
# Filter out IMG tags with perl.
:0 B h b
    :0 f b w
    |/usr/bin/perl -p -e 's/\<((.+)?)IMG([
        ]+)SRC([^"]+)"([^"]+)[^\>]+>/\<A HREF="\5"\>removed: \5\<\/A\>/gi'

got that off the web I will send the page, it works real good too... 


filtered mailed does wonders...

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