[Evolution] filter on mailing list bug?


I have defined a filter that moves all message from the ximian mailing
lists that contain attachments to a certain folder, however this filter
also causes some messages in my inbox that were not sent to the mailing
list but do contain attachments to be moved to that folder.

I want to make sure I'm not doing something wrong here before submitting
this as a bug.  The filter is defined as follows:
Execute action if all criteria are met
Mailing list contains @ximian.com
Attachments exist

Move to folder
stop processing

(I created the filter and the rules from the filter window, I did not
use the "create rule from message" option.

I checked the source of the messages but the word ximian is nowhere in
the headers or the body.

Is this filter invalid or is this a bug? If it is a bug what should I
include in the bug-report? The message is quite big because of the

 #  Mertens Bram "M8ram" <bram-mertens linux be>   Linux User #249103  #
 #  Red Hat Linux 7.3  KDE 3.0.0-10  kernel 2.4.18-3  i686  128MB RAM  #

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