Re: [Evolution] filter on mailing list bug?

because of the  way filter on mailing list works, you really should use
the menu option.

its because there is no standard way to degfine mailing lists, so we
check a number os possibilities, and then generate a token which
represents the list.  assuming the list software doesnt change, this
should be a relatively robust way to identifuy messages sent to that
list.  because of this, it may not be obvious, from direct visual
inspection, which 'token' will be selected. in some cases its the list
address, in others an admin address, or even an admin url.

a way to check -> do a 'create filter from mlist' on an exampe
badly-matched mesage to see what its comimng up with, and then cacnel

of course, it could just be a bug

On Wed, 2002-09-04 at 18:58, Mertens Bram wrote:

I have defined a filter that moves all message from the ximian mailing
lists that contain attachments to a certain folder, however this filter
also causes some messages in my inbox that were not sent to the mailing
list but do contain attachments to be moved to that folder.

I want to make sure I'm not doing something wrong here before submitting
this as a bug.  The filter is defined as follows:
Execute action if all criteria are met
Mailing list contains
Attachments exist

Move to folder
stop processing

(I created the filter and the rules from the filter window, I did not
use the "create rule from message" option.

I checked the source of the messages but the word ximian is nowhere in
the headers or the body.

Is this filter invalid or is this a bug? If it is a bug what should I
include in the bug-report? The message is quite big because of the

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 #  Red Hat Linux 7.3  KDE 3.0.0-10  kernel 2.4.18-3  i686  128MB RAM  #

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