[Evolution] suggestions and annoyances

I have been using pine for a while and decided to switch to Evolution. I
like Evolution but it has some problems. So, what follows is a list of
what I think needs to be added or changed:

1. I have added several users to manage different mailing lists. So if I
have one of these accounts selected and click new message then the
'From:' should be the address of the current folder selected.

2. If I have an account selected in the 'Folder' bar an address book
relating specifically to that account should be available.

3. If I click 'Reply', 'Reply to All', or 'Forward' then what should be
forwarded is what is displayed. i.e. If I have selected View->Message
Display->Show Email Source and the full email source is displayed then
that is what should be should be 'Replied' or 'Forwarded'.

4. If I have selected a message for deletion, which is also my current
selection, then maybe the 'deletion' icon on the toolbar should then
become an 'undeletion' icon.

5. If I am reading a message it would be nice to have some sort of
context menu with all available options, pertaining to open messages,
with a right click anywhere on the message.

Thanks all,
::::: Gene Imes                      http://www.ozob.net :::::

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