Re: [Evolution] Evolution, Outlook iCal and Free/Busy Publishing to a server

On Tue, 2002-10-22 at 10:50, Daryl Manning wrote:
I know I can use the Free/Busy URL for calendaring on the server (I am
thinking straight http, no server software) and have people available
that way via LDAP. With outlook, this is a simple matter of putting the
publishing information in the Publish Fee/Busy field. However, with
Evolution, whenever I try to use this feature it fires up a mail
message, so I'm wondering whether it is expecting an Exchange Server (or
other) to receive it or whether there is another way to get this
information up to the server through the program.

That email is just a work-around way to share free/busy.  It has nothing
to do with Exchange.

Here is a quote from my posting in the thread "Sharing calendar info w/o

Hopefully, Evolution will have the ability to publish to ftp/http in the
post 1.4 timeframe..... but for now:

On the server that will serve the free/busy information, create a user
account to receive the email Evolution sends for publishing the
free/busy information (calendar view: Tools->Publish Free/Busy
Information).  Setup a mail filtering tool on that account that will
save the body of the email in the proper location for retrieval by
others.  For example, if it receives a free/busy email from a b c, it
saves the body of the email to <serverpath>/a.vfb (or whatever rule you
want for the file names).

Currently, I don't have an auto filter set up, I send it, then login to
the server and manually save the free/busy email to the file desired. 
Then the Outlook users (my wife) can see it when scheduling a meeting,
by adding that http path to the "Free/Busy URL" in the Contact
representing me.

For outlook users, you just need to specify in the options the ftp or
http publishing path (can specify username and password) for free/busy
information, and it will publish it periodically.  You need the "Web
Publishing Wizard" installed for this to work - and the server
configured to accept the connection.

NOTE: Currently there is a bug open on Evolution's ability to parse
free/busy information retrieved from a http server.

Lonnie Borntreger

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