Re: [Evolution] flaky pilot conduits? How do I give them a kick?

Whenever this happens to me (a lot), I go to Tools and click on Pilot
Conduit Settings.  That normally "wakes up" gpilotd.


On Tue, 2002-10-22 at 13:51, Mike Godfrey wrote:
I'm using evo dev snapshot, xim preview, xim desktop, ...

I have successfully sync'd my palm Vx with Ximian using the latest and
greatest conduits (which I've duly found and installed).

So, in theory, I'm doing the right thing ...

... but sometimes when I press sync, it doesn't sync, it just sits there
until it times out.

Apparently gpilotd is running (someone suggested this last time I
expressed problems with sync-ing; invoking gpilotd comes back with the
message that it's already running.)

I've tried restarting evo after a killev, but I bet it's some little
daemon I need to restart.  Is it gpilotd? How do I start/stop it?

Any hints greatly appreciated ... I don't want to have to reboot every
time I sync :-(

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