[Evolution] Evolution, Outlook iCal and Free/Busy Publishing to a server

I am trying to implement a solution amongst our very disparately tech
offices using a ical standard and a pointer to their cal via ldap. Due
to cost limitations we are trying to do this without a calendar server

I know I can use the Free/Busy URL for calendaring on the server (I am
thinking straight http, no server software) and have people available
that way via LDAP. With outlook, this is a simple matter of putting the
publishing information in the Publish Fee/Busy field. However, with
Evolution, whenever I try to use this feature it fires up a mail
message, so I'm wondering whether it is expecting an Exchange Server (or
other) to receive it or whether there is another way to get this
information up to the server through the program.

Kept googling for the info but couldn't find it anywhere, so any
guidance on how to use Evolution this way would be appreciated.

thanks and ciao!

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