Re: [Evolution] LDAP search

You didn't say which version of evo you are using.

If it's 1.08 or earlier, the "fix" is to manually edit config.xmldb in
you~/evolution directory......

Inside config.xmldb. 

<snip lots of stuff> 
<?xml version="1.0"?> 
  <section path="/Addressbook/Completion"> 
    <entry name="uri" type="string"

The setup info is the same as whatever you have in the other contacts
folder for that server.

If it's the 1.2 beta (1.1.x versions) then it is selctable in a setup

I believe this issue is discussed in the online knowledge base for 1.0x



On Thu, 2002-10-10 at 21:55, Laurent Julliard wrote:
I have just created an LDAP entry in the 'Other Contact' folder in 
Evolution whihc points to my corporate LDAP server. Using the contact 
panel I have checjked that the connection works ok.

My problem is that when I create a new mail the address completion 
keeps looking in the local Contact names. How can I configure evo so 
that it systematically look in both?

Thanks for your help


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