Re: [Evolution] LDAP search

Add that section to your config.xmldb replacing LDAPSERVER by your LDAP
server URI and DN by your LDAP distinguished name in my case

<section path="/Addressbook/Completion"> 
  <entry name="uri" type="string" value="ldap://LDAPSERVER:389/DN??one"/>

Hope that helps


PS: I got that information from the mailing list. There is also a
document on ximian website but can't remember the URL.

On Thu, 2002-10-10 at 14:55, Laurent Julliard wrote:
I have just created an LDAP entry in the 'Other Contact' folder in 
Evolution whihc points to my corporate LDAP server. Using the contact 
panel I have checjked that the connection works ok.

My problem is that when I create a new mail the address completion 
keeps looking in the local Contact names. How can I configure evo so 
that it systematically look in both?

Thanks for your help


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Pascal DeMilly <list evolution newgenesys com>

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