Re: [Evolution] Evolution and OpenLDAP: POSSIBLE RESOLUTION?

On Wed, 2002-10-09 at 12:33, Dieter Kluenter wrote:
The latter entry fails and asks for authentication over and over,
the former just works, after I've authenticated to the exchange

No, in this case, I can only search ldap if authenticated to the IMAP
store. Otherwise, it spits at me. Dunno how that's happening, but it is
pretty consistent.

That depends on the authentication method, your ldap server is
probabely requiring strong authentication and evolution is not able to
handle strong authentication yet.

Nope, not strong.

I wanted to open a bug on this, but I don't want this "hole" to get
closed per se so I can't use LDAP at all, rather I would like the
to be fixed so it does work.

That is not a bug in evolution but a matter of your ldap server's
access configuration.

Not really, I've worked with our admin for quite a bit on this, and it's
pretty secure, well, from an accountability perspective. 


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