Re: [Evolution] Evolution and OpenLDAP


Adam Williams <awilliam whitemice org> writes:

Where can I find some kind of documentation (howto, faq, whatever) about
LDAP connectivity? How can I add new contacts through evolution to ldap?
(tried to make defaultaccess write, and so;)
Welcome to the club :-)
I raised that question the other day. There ist allmost no
documentation available. 
Try to get hold of evolutionperson.schema, I found it in the tarball
of evolution. but not in the rpm binary package and
create your own database.

There is an evolution section in

I found your slides 69 and 146-150 quite informative but I missed
examples, or at least hints, how to create an initial database for
evolution. By the way, evolutionperson.schema ist not applicable to
openldap-2.1.x anymore.

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