Re: [Evolution] Signatures & whitespaces

ons, 2002-10-09 kl. 11:59 skrev Mathy Vanvoorden:

I've noticed that when I change my mail-account, and thus changing my
signature, the signature moves up one line, until there are no more
whitespaces available. I presume this is not as a result of my settings?
It is very annoying because I don't like my signature glued to my text
and I always forget to change accounts before starting to type :-) I
would also like to be able to change the -- that appears above the
signature. Any way to do this?

Surely it's not too much trouble to hit <ENTER> twice at the end of a
message? That's what I do :-)

I can see where you're at, you want "Regards" to come under the two

I normally use "Best". But sometime I personally want "Groet", sometimes
I want "Vriendelijke groet", sometimes I want "Met groet, sometimes I
want "Vennlig hilsen, sometimes I want "Hilsen", sometimes I want
"Helsing", occasionally "Saluts".

Sometimes I'm "Tony", sometimes I'm "Tonni", sometimes I'm "T'en" to
special friends.

Using a different acount for each of these combos would bring me up to
8^3 different accounts. Seems rather exaggerated.




Tony Earnshaw

"There are many people who can't face the truth ... If you rob a
normal person of life's lies, at the same time you'll be robbing
him of his happiness."

From Henrik Ibsen's "Vildanden", "The wild Duck."

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