Re: [Evolution] Todo-List vs. Calender

On Tue, 2002-10-08 at 11:16, Janus Christensen wrote:
On Sat, 2002-10-05 at 20:34, Oliver Kurlvink wrote: 

any comments to this? :)

I absolutely agree.  .-) 

Me too!

In every calendar program that features to-do lists I have used, there
is a disconnect between the calendar and the to-do list. I can remember
to use and check my calendar, but the to-do list remains largely unused,
because correlation between the calendar and the to-do list is hard even
when viewed side-by-side. In fact, when I do use the to-do list it is
for items that have no definite time constraints. 

Actually, because the to-do list also lacks another feature that I would
like, it ends up being the only part of evolution that I never ever use
at all, which is a real shame because I have need for a good to-do list

The feature in a to-do list that *I* need is unlimited levels of
sub-tasks of tasks.

What I actually end up doing is just keeping a text-editor permanently
open where I note down all the things I have to do with dates and time
in parenthesis and use indentation to group tasks. I use it constantly,
but it isn't ideal, and it would be fantastic to be able to use
evolution's tasks list *and* have tasks integrated with the calendar.

I'd also like to see appointments and anniversaries in contacts to
immediately show up in evolution's calendar.

In a collaborative environment it gets even worse, because a co-worker
might check my calender to see what I am doing, when I have time for a
meeting, etc, but doesn't check my to-do list. If I want to publish that
on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, I am spending all my available time
on a particular task, I make entries in the calendar, since that way I
am sure co-workers can see I am busy. Besides, the to-do list items do
not say anything about the work load each task represents.

The counter argument for this is that, that the calendaring and to-do
features in a program such as Evolution isn't meant as a planning tool
such as Mr. Project (

What one *could* consider was some sort of integration between Mr
Project and Evolution, such that appointments in the Evolution calendar
are known to Mr Project, and projects and tasks in Mr Project could
somehow be displayed in the Evolution Calendar. Some would probably say
that this is outside of the scope of Evolution, and I am myself not all
to sure if such an integration is a good idea.

In an ideal world, evolution, mr. project, gnome time tracker, and
gnucash would all be so tightly integrated that my invoices would
practically write themselves!

but what you say about the closeness of fit between project management
software and groupware/pim software like evolution is quite right, and
is something the evolution developers and mr project developers should
sit down and think about. It may be the case the evoution itself should
swallow up mr project altogether.

Best, Darren

D. D. Brierton            darren dzr-web com 
       Trying is the first step towards failure (Homer Simpson)

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