[Evolution] Todo-List vs. Calender

hi there :)

I'm having a few problems with the todo list (evo 1.0.1). well, with
every todo list. Gnome-Pim, evo and every other system, including the
enterprise pim at work (genesisWorld) have these problems: I can define
some entries in the todo list, each having a starting day/time and a
day/time where it should have been finished. On the other hand I have
the calender and can create appointments, each also with a starting and
ending date/time. But why can I not let the calender also display the
todo-list-entries during the period between starting/finishing time? a
todo-list-entry is nothing else than another type of appointment!
Everything I get is a list of todo-entries with no relation to the
calender. This way I only get a calender-view with appointments, but I
don't know what else I have to do on this day or until tomorrow. It
would be really nice if evo could be the first pim which also displays
todo-list-entries in the calender.

any comments to this? :)

ciao :)

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