Re: [Evolution] Re: 1st try at 1.1.1 (now works)

On Mon, 2002-10-07 at 10:01, Xavier Bestel wrote:

With 1.0.8 it's rather acceptable: you just have to restart Evolution to
get it to rescan properly the mailboxes. But 1.1.1 seems really unable
to connect concurrently to 1.0.8 (didn't try two 1.1.1 instances
together: I need at least one computer with a working mailer).

Maybe it's Cyrus imapd's fault, but I already had to migrate from
uw-imapd because Evolution didn't like the latter; then which imapd
suits Evolution's need ?

I ran into a lot of connection problems if I accidentally ran two copies
of Evo, on different machines, connecting to the same IMAP store.  They
would alternately get 'connection lost' errors.  This was before I
switched from uw-imap to courier-imap.

uw-imap with large mailboxes was unacceptably slow.  Courier-imap is a
much better performer.


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