Re: [Evolution] 1st try at 1.1.1 (now works)

Le jeu 03/10/2002 à 13:23, Not Zed a écrit :
On Thu, 2002-10-03 at 23:13, Xavier Bestel wrote:
I finally made the jump on my RH6.2 laptop and installed Evo 1.1.1 from
RedCarpet, and it doesn't work: when started it says something like
"connecting to IMAP server" and stays there forever.


Ok, dunno why but today it started completely, and I even could
re-filter my mail. It seems I had to let my IMAP server (Cyrus) forget
it. Or perhaps it's because my other computer is off, and Evo 1.1.1
doesn't like when Evo 1.0.8 accesses my folders at the same time. Go
figure ...

Now for some bugs:

- localisation is all fscked-up: all strings seem to be displayed
directly in UTF8 on screen.

- I choose the Tools/Preferences menu item, a nice window opened. Then I
clicked on "Folder settings", then on "Calendar", a window to choose my
calendar opened. I closed that window with the WM close widget, and now
the nice settings window is stuck there.

I'll buzgilla them someday.


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