Re: [Evolution] 1st try at 1.1.1: IMAP doesn't work

On Thu, 2002-10-03 at 23:13, Xavier Bestel wrote:
I finally made the jump on my RH6.2 laptop and installed Evo 1.1.1 from
RedCarpet, and it doesn't work: when started it says something like
"connecting to IMAP server" and stays there forever.


After killeving it and restarting several times, once it connected well.
Then I reapplied filters on INBOX to recolorize my mail. It worked a lot
then stopped after a while, still saying "filtering folder". No disk
activity, no CPU, no network. And unable to read mail.
I had a working 1.0.8 setup, upgraded to 1.1.1. I can access my IMAP
server through SSL from my desktop computer which still runs 1.0.8.

Any hint to make that work / help debug ?

Can only think of gettting backtraces and/or debugging logs ...


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