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On Thu, 2002-10-03 at 17:12, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
You realise that the way other mail clients do it is by hiding the
deleted messages without giving you the choice of viewing them, don't

I guess my precedent remark was a bit too pushy. Sorry for that. I also
guess the same reasons as for filering apply to the fact that
"compacting" or "expunging" should not be done automatically. The
honesty of the evol implementation causes usually hidden issues to
become visible. And I agree criticizing blindly is quite unfair.

However, do you think a kind of "inbox auto-expunge" that would be
similar to the already existing "inbox auto-filer" would make sense ?
This "auto-expunge" would only apply on mails in inbox that have been
filtered (and as such can be deleted from their original folder without
danger). The behavior would be switched off by default, and activable
through the mail config dialog.

I work in a context where network bandwidth is under-used, but mail
volume tends to grow exponentially. These are my motivations for
automating some routine tidying task. I perfectly understand, however,
that this may not be the mainstream situation, and that consequently
those features may not be the most badly needed. (And anyway should I
really desperately need them, I can always dig in evolution's code and
implement them myself... -- though this certainly would require more
skills that I have ;)



Well, that's how it is done in other mail clients, which is why they
have options like "Compact Folder" which is the same as our Expunge.

The only difference is that we allow you to view deleted messages inline
if you so choose (I prefer this way).


On Thu, 2002-10-03 at 03:13, Francois Taiani wrote:
On Thu, 2002-10-03 at 02:55, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
View->Hide Deleted Messages

From an external viewpoint that certainly does it, however that's more
like sweeping the dust unter the rug than solving the issue. I heavily
rely on filters, and with the current policy my Trash unavoidably gets
cluttered with mails that have been just moved.

In order to prevent my remote account from overflowing, I must regularly
and manually empty the Trash for things that have not really been
deleted. I'd really appreciate if evol was intelligent enough to notice
that moved mails don't need back-up, and could avoid me this repeated
tidying job. But maybe I'm missing some technical issue that makes such
a feature difficult to program.



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