[Evolution] iso-8859-2 when composing mail

I'm using Mandrake 8.2 with KDE 2.2 and I set up Croatian language and
encoding iso-8859-2 (latin-2) as default. Every application I use works
just fine and accepts special latin-2 characters except Evolution
(upgraded to 1.0.8; still no luck).

E.g. rxvt, konsole, knode, gimp... all accept special characters, even
Evolution accepts them when entering text in Subject: field but not in
message body.

I'd say my setup is correct, since Evolution is actually able to display
latin-2 characters, but doesn't accept them from the keyboard.

The closest to latin-2 I could come was when I set up my old xmodmap (I
don't use it now, X4.2 doesn't need it). Most of the applications still
work, but evolution displays latin-1 equivalents of the special
characters when composing mail. Additionally, encoding header is
switched to iso-8859-1 (initially set to iso-8859-2).

Ah, yes -- when not using xmodmap, Evolution displays nothing when
special key is pressed. Actually, it doesn't even display an empty
space, or that empty box meaning 'unknown character'... simply, no
reaction of any kind.

What I have to set up to force Evolution display iso-8859-2 characters
when composing mail (and to keep proper encoding header)? 

Davor Cengija
davor cengija mail inet hr

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