Re: [Evolution] Can PGP/GPG autodecryption be disabled?

Evolution 1.2 will no longer support inline pgp at all, so this won't be
an issue.


On Thu, 2002-10-03 at 12:14, sands sonic net wrote:
I found Evolution and love it, but I need to be able to gain access to the 
ciphertext of a PGP formatted message for use in another package. Evolution 
1.08 running on my RedHat 7.2 install seems to be anxious to decrypt it ... 

Poking around the source code, I noticed that Evolution is keying off the PGP 
headers in:


Is there an existing way to shut this functionality off? I couldn't find a 
global or flag that might affect this behaviour...

Any ideas short of making myself a custom version of evolution? I'm not sure 
that I'm up to the task of building my own binary just yet and the thought of 
diverging from the mainstream code base isn't exactly appealing. Am I just 
missing a switch somewhere that disables auto-decryption? 

ps ... sorry if this is a duplicate post, I tried submitting it yesterday 
before I had subscribed, but I never saw it arrive in the archive and I 
didn't get any response.

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