Re: [Evolution] using spamassassin with evolution

On Tue, 2002-10-01 at 15:46, Tony Earnshaw wrote:
I run spamd as a server daemon that interacts with my smtp mail server
and a stub, spamc, that interacts with the perl based spamd daemon.
That's my privilige, I have my own server and workstation all-in-one, an
el Cheapo  Compaq Presario notebook. How the perl-based standalone
Spamassassin would interface with procmail or Evolution I don't know,
'cos I've never had to use that. There is a legion of configuration
possibilities that would have to be integrated into Evo, and to make use
of all the possibilities every user would have to make sure that his/her
version of both Evo and Spamassassin was kept up to date.

Keeping Evo and SA up to date is a packing issue. I run Debian so after
having installed both packages and starting the daemon, adding this to
my .mailfilter file (I use maildrop as a MDA instead of procmail):

xfilter "/usr/bin/spamc"
if ( /^X-Spam-Flag: YES/ )
        to "Maildir/.Spam"

All spam is filtered into a folder called Spam.

The same can be achieved in procmail very trivially, but I can't recall
the syntax (procmail is foul :)

That there's need for such a utility is obvious. At $US 30 per seat for
Outlook and a shameful Deersoft (the commercial Windows Spamassassin
people) too shy to give a standard price for the server version, this
could be a turnon for orgs wondering whether to go over to Linux.

An organisation has a central mail server which does the spam filtering,
not the client. This sort of filtering belongs in the delivery system,
not the client.

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