Re: [Evolution] using spamassassin with evolution

tir, 2002-10-01 kl. 03:27 skrev Steven Johnson:

Related question: Can you configure it to automatically accept any email
that is from an email address in Contacts? (That, it would seem, would
eliminate the lion's share of false positives.)

At the moment there is no Evolution support at all for Spamassassin.
Which is a pity, because with each new version (presently 2.5x) it's
getting to be an indispensible utility.

I run spamd as a server daemon that interacts with my smtp mail server
and a stub, spamc, that interacts with the perl based spamd daemon.
That's my privilige, I have my own server and workstation all-in-one, an
el Cheapo  Compaq Presario notebook. How the perl-based standalone
Spamassassin would interface with procmail or Evolution I don't know,
'cos I've never had to use that. There is a legion of configuration
possibilities that would have to be integrated into Evo, and to make use
of all the possibilities every user would have to make sure that his/her
version of both Evo and Spamassassin was kept up to date.

That there's need for such a utility is obvious. At $US 30 per seat for
Outlook and a shameful Deersoft (the commercial Windows Spamassassin
people) too shy to give a standard price for the server version, this
could be a turnon for orgs wondering whether to go over to Linux.




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