Re: [Evolution] How do I point evo to a different location for its data?

On Tue, 2002-10-01 at 08:37, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
On Tue, 2002-10-01 at 01:51, Soeren Sonnenburg wrote:

Has this been fixed (as promised for soo long) in evo 1.1.1 ?

Nope, and when was it ever promised?

Ask Ettore:

From:   Ettore Perazzoli <ettore ximian com>
To:     Tuomas Kuosmanen <tigert ximian com>
Cc:     Chris Heywood <psych28 dingoblue net au>, Josh Steiner <joschi eds org>, Nautilus-List <nautilus-list 
lists eazel com>
Subject:        Re: SV: [Nautilus-list] Desktop folder
Date:   20 Mar 2002 12:07:07 -0500      
I dunno. I need to ask Ettore. Personally I wish to do a
s/evolution/.evolution/g as soon as possible, since there really is no
reason I can think of why it is a non-hidden dir. It's not like a user
should be going there to poke stuff with the filemanager..

You might still want to do simple things like copying the directory over
to another machine.

If you make it hidden and you also make the desktop the only way to
browse the home directory, then there is no way for an end user to back
up his Evolution data and move it around.

It sure will be configurable at some point (1.2 most likely), but not in
1.0.x and not because of Nautilus.

BTW, if you don't want users to access the contents of directories like
~/evolution, we could add a metadata property that marks a directory as
"non browsable by default", and when you enter it Nautilus could display
some blurb about how the contents of the directory shouldn't be
manipulated, unless the user does something explicit (like e.g. changing
to the "Advanced" user level or clicking a "browse at my own risk"
button or something).

of help. But I just think the most clear and simple case is to just have
home and desktop be the same thing.

Please, no. :-)

The desktop directory should just be easily accessible from file
selectors.  KDE got it right by calling it ~/Desktop.

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or ...

On Thu, 2002-03-21 at 07:59, Seth Nickell wrote:
As always, I crusade against evolution in particular putting visible
non-user-readable crap in the homedire. Its evil, and its a GNOME
application so we should be able to fix it (I don't even bother with
NSMail for example, because its just not going to be fixed).

I already said it's going to be configurable.


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