Re: [Evolution] Ooops - I goofed!!

On Fri, 2002-11-29 at 12:46, ahimsa wrote:
Hi all
Thanks for your suggestions regarding unhooking Mozilla as the default
browser for Evolution. I have probably gone too far however, and now
*no* browser opens for a URL link.
Below is a citation of the file I altered (the actual file does not have
the '#' marks)
#[URL Handlers]
#default-show=gnome-moz-remote --newwin "%s"
#info-show=nautilus "%s"
#man-show=nautilus "%s"
#ghelp-show=nautilus "%s"

I changed the second line that reads "default-show=gnome-moz-remote" etc
to read "default-show=gnome-opera-remote", etc. Nothing happened when I
clicked on a URL link in an email. So I changed it back to read 'moz'
instead of 'opera', and still nothing happens.

I seriously doubt that you have a command names "gnome-opera-remote"

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