Re: [Evolution] Unhooking Ximian from Mozilla as default

On Thu, 2002-11-28 at 09:05, Eric Lambart wrote:
On Wed, 2002-11-27 at 12:49, Dave Barton wrote:
On Thu, 2002-11-28 at 05:55, ahimsa wrote:
Allow me to add my compliments to the development team of Ximian - it is great software, and I hope 
that, in conjunction with fully functional suites such as, it will pose a serious 
alternative to MS hegemony for SOHO and Corporate users alike.
My query concerns the default use of Mozilla as a browser, whenever I click an http:/ftp: link in an 
email. I'd prefer to use something like Opera or Galeon or even Konqueror. I've searched the config 
files that I can find, but haven't seen anything that looks like a governor for this default. Could 
someone point it out for me please. No doubt it is probably quite obvious, but not to me right now. I'm 
using the 1.2.0 version of Evolution+Ximian.
Much obliged.

"Tools -> Pilot Settings" opens Control Center

Eh?  It certainly doesn't for me! (Evo 1.2)

So what does "Tools -> Pilot Settings" in the Evolution menu do for you?

In Control Center select "Document Handlers -> URL Handlers" and change
default to /usr/bin/opera -newwindow "%s" and click "Set" button.

Opera (version 6.x, anyway) does recognize the "Netscape Remote Control"
so you don't need to worry about the -newwindow stuff.  Just put
"/usr/bin/opera", check the "Understands Netscape Remote Control" and
you're all set... unless you're running a different control center, then
things may not be quite the same.

Sorry, my advice was based on long term experience. What you suggest
never has and still does not work for me.

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