[Evolution] Evolution + connector new messages not retrieved

  I am using evolution and connector (and all other deps for those two)
rpms.  I wanted to see if any one else has this issue before filing a

+ Evolution 1.2 w/connector against exchange server
+ Select Inbox and mark any new messages as read (remain in Inbox)
+ Send another message to the account (from another mailer, etc)
+ When evolution checks for new messages the next time or if you
  hit S/R, the new message count goes up for Inbox, but the message
  is not displayed in the list.
+ Setting the get new messages to N minutes or turning it
  off seems to have no effect as clicking S/R manually does 
  the same thing.
+ Moving out of Inbox and back then shows the message in the list.

Also I am not getting consistent result on these issues...

+ Occasionally, marking new messages as read will not update the
  new message count until you hit S/R or the next auto get new
  messages from server is reached.

+ Occasionally, a folder will show a new message count, and when
  displaying that folder, the new message count doubles.  Marking
  the new messages as read halves the new message count.  Then
  doing a S/R clears the new message count.

Can anyone duplicate any of these?


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