[Evolution] Comments on Evolution 1.2

Last week I made the move from Outlook to Evolution 1.2. I thought I
would give some feed back on things I am having difficulty adjusting

- There is no way I have found to do the equivalent of "Shift-Delete"
  in Outlook.  Shift-Delete deletes a message permanently, without
  moving it the Trash folder.  AFAICT, in Evolution there is no way to
  expunging a particular message.  The fastest way I have found is to
  copy the message(s) concerned to a temporary folder, delete it, then
  expunge that folder.  Messy.

- Shift-Ctrl-M is modal in Evolution, in Outlook it isn't.  This
  means that in Outlook I can press Shift-Ctrl-M regardless of
  where I am.  In Evolution it won't work if I am in a mail folder
  (such as the Inbox), or if I am in the composer.  I have found
  that having it modal in Evolution means I don't use it.  It is
  easier to use the GUI because I don't have to ask myself "it this
  going to work here?".

- When reading mail the ',' and '.' rarely seem to work.  I have not
  been able to find a pattern as to when they do and don't.  Also,
  it would be nice if shortcuts like that appeared in the menu.  It
  means you can learn about their existence without reading the help.
  That is a seems to be an attribute of Microsoft products - you can
  use them without referring to the help by just using the hints the
  GUI gives you.

- A minor thing - but in Outlook I grew accustomed to sitting down
  in the morning and going though my mail leaving a couple for later
  and deleting the rest.  When I got the to end the message window
  would close, bringing a nice satisfying end to the morning ritual.
  In Evolution it does not close, instead it displays previous
  message - effectively reversing direction.  I find that jarring.

- Read receipts (aka Disposition Notifications).  Obviously you guys
  don't consider them important, this being the second major release
  and they are still not there.  I do - enough to spend a pleasant
  hour or so going through the source finding a way to turn them on
  permanently.  I suspect a lot of others in corporate environments
  like mine place the same importance on them I do.  Its not like its

- When a Yes/No/Cancel confirmation dialogue box is displayed, I am
  used to being able to press 'Y'/'N'/Escape.  There does not seem
  to be any way to press 'Y'/'N', except by using the mouse.  (Maybe
  this is a GTK thing?)  Anyway, I miss being able to use the

Russell Stuart 

If you torture data sufficiently, it will confess to almost anything. 
  -- Fred Menger 

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