Re: [Evolution] Recursive search filter?

On Tue, 2002-11-12 at 09:56, Jeff Hiltz wrote:
Hey Folks,

For the last few versions of Evolution I have been trying to figure out
how to do a recursive filtered search that will search through all
sub-folders...I can't find any information on this, nor any
bug-reports/feature requests for such a thing. Is this something that
has already been talked about and I missed the discussion or is it just
something that can't be done based on the architecture of the search
filter? Not sure if maybe I am just missing some simple flag or
something, but if so, I sure can't find it :)! So can anyone fill in the
blanks of my knowledge on this topic?



There is a mail indexing and search program that works well with
evolution and with which you can do a recursive search, if you use the
maildir format.  It is called mairix and can be found at  It creates links to matching messages in a
specified mailbox which can then be read in Evolution.  You will need to
write a little wrapper script that removes the mbox.ev-summary in that
mailbox.  The mailboxes that are indexed and searched are specified in
the ~/.mairixrc file, but searches can be limited to specific folders
using a path expression, eg., p:/evolution/mbox/ would only search for
messages in a maildir folder called evolution.  Just don't forget to run
mairix with only indexing options if new messages need to be indexed.

Here is the wrapper script I use to do a search.

#! /bin/bash
if [ -f \
/home/mdlind/evolution/local/save/subfolders/mairix/mbox.ev-summary ]; \
    rm \
echo "Enter search string:"
mairix $REPLY

Michael D. Lind <mdlind austin rr com>

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