Re: [Evolution] Drag and Drop when creating mailing list

On Thu, 2002-11-07 at 13:53, Hamid wrote:
Thanks for the reply.
I am using 1.0.8-10 (the one shipped with RH8.0).I am doing exactly what
you described but it ain't working, the contact icon just bounces back
to its original position.
Can you please also take a look at 2nd part of my question ? 
(the one about creating a filter for a Contact  List, say, we want to
put emails from 40 different people into a specific folder but we don't
want to enter 40 criterion in the filter managing window , kind of being
lazy :-)

There isn't a way to do this at present, unfortunately.  Contact lists
are pretty much entirely an addressbook-ism.


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