[Evolution] Evolution Disrespects Gnome Default Browser Setting

I know this question has been asked before, but none of the answers
posted to date have helped me.

When I click on a link in Evolution (1.0.8-10), the browser that
invariably opens is Mozilla.  I'm running a clean, nothing fancy install
of Red Hat Linux 8.  Both KDE and Gnome are installed (and so is almost
everything else).  KDE is the desktop I prefer to use, and Konqueror is
the browser I prefer to use.

Steps I have taken thus far:

1. I have run "gnome-control-center", opened "Extras", opened "Preferred
Applications", and selected "Konqueror" on the Web Browser tab.

2. I have run "gnome-control-center", opened "File Types and Programs",
opened "Documents/World Wide Web/HTML page", selected "Custom" in the
"Default Action" drop-down and typed "konqueror" into the "Program to
Run" text field.

Neither of these changes has resulted in links opening in Konqueror from
Evolution.  Links still invariably open in Mozilla.

Am I on the right track here?  Is there some mystical third place I have
to look for this setting?

- Dan

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