[Evolution] Evo. duplicates mail

Evolution creates duplicate mail, when a script triggered by a rule
blocks for a longer time period. The mail is duplicated for everybody in
the from, to, cc lists. For example: 1 from :-), just my email in the to
list and 2people on the cc list will create 4 mail in the inbox.
I actually run a script which uses tts to announce important mail, this
"sound" is send to my notebook via wifi.  Which allows me to move around
the house and not looking at the screen but still get important info.
Now the notebook ended up behind a pumpkin, which resulted in packet
loss and a really slow network. All my mail using this rule got
duplicated in the manner described above.  
In the absence of a pumpkin, this can be reproduced by a script which
just sleeps for a minute.   
BTW, my solution was to move the notebook, since I didn't want to get
into a discussion about the decoration of the house.
Bug: 33452 Ev.1.2rc1
Have fun

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